Karin Herzog Extranet is intended to Importers around the world.

If you don't have received you login and password, please contact Karin Herzog'staff :

by phone : +41 21 791.72.91 or by fax : +41 21 791.72.92

Visit Karin Herzog Official Website here : www.karinherzog.ch

To get access to the images you have to accept the Legal terms for usage : The material in this image bank is the property of Karin Herzog by copyright legislation. Legal action will be taken against unlawful use.

1. Photos can only be used to visualize products within the Karin Herzog concepts (an image photo cannot be used/printed together with other products).

2. Images that include photo models obey under a treaty, which entitles the model to a reproduction fee. The fee is paid by the user of the image to the model agency. The material is to be used only after permission by Karin Herzog, Tel. +41 21 791.72.91, Fax +41 21 791.72.92.

3. Images showing only products are free of use (as long as paragraph 1 is taken under consideration).